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" Jan is responsive, professional and most importantly- says what she's going to do and then does what she says ! The house looked great and it was sold immediately."

Steve Schiffman, Staging Client

I have had clients Mel and Betty Farrow who moved to Tucson, Arizona who actually flew Jan down to help them design and decorate their new residence!
She is magical! She is my one and only stager!

Dianne Kern, Coldwell Banker Palo Alto

" Jan has helped furnish and redesign our family room, living and dining rooms. In each case she has been able to assess the current constraints, understand our interests and tastes, and provide creative solutions. Jan is delightful to work with - she brings great enthusiasm to every job, and with her help, things actually get done! "

Carol Smith, Design Client

" Jan and her work combine great taste, great functionality and great service. Jan performs “MAGIC”! Having relied on Jan many times, she has always exceeded all my expectations. I wouldn’t call anyone else for design or staging.”

Kenna S Helms, Attorney at Law and Real Estate Broker

For the past two years I 've used Jan exclusively for my staging listings. Her makeovers are magical! Exquisitely designed and done quickly with no hassles. My clients are always pleased with her dedication to customizing each home. Jan and her team make my job easier and the results are amazing! Thanks Jan!"

Susan Enzmann, Alain Pinel Realtors

" I highly recommend using Proceviat Designs for home staging. I personally feel their staging helped me sell my home in one day! They are timely and professional. Proceviat Designs turns ordinary into extraordinary! They used my existing furnishings and added their special touches. In doing so they created a luxurious feeling to my home. I would highly recommend the services of Proceviat Designs to anyone thinking of selling their home. "

Margaret Lawrence, Staging Client

" Jan has been doing design work on our home for the past two years. It has been a delightful and rewarding experience. She has fantastic taste, knowledge and is a true professional in her dealings with clients and vendors. It's great knowing that I can recommend her to any client of mine and know that her work will be top quality and her great personality a much appreciated bonus. "

Nicki Loveless, Design Client

" Jan knows how to transform a house into a warm inviting home. Clients often struggle with spending the money on staging, but they are thrilled when their home sells quickly and they have maximized their return. Jan has a great sense of design and color and she has a wonderful way of putting the clients at ease and gaining their trust and confidence. She is energetic and fun to work with. "

Marcella Christoff & Sharon Walz, Alain Pinel Realtors

" Jan transformed crowded, small into spacious elegant quarters. "

Phyllis Gaffney, Staging Client

" My realtor insisted that I should 'stage' the house to make it feel warm and inviting. I was doubtful at first, there is no question that it contributed to the speed that the four offers above the asking price were made. All the pieces fit together beautifully and the tasteful detailing of the furnishings, art, and ceramics created exactly the effect we desired. "

Barbara Bernie, Landscape Designer and Homeowner

" I thought it was a superfluous expense, but once I witnessed the efficient and creative team at work, I was a complete believer in Proceviat's 'staging' of the Mardell house. "

Heinz Brunner, Staging Client

" My relationship with Jan has been a very revarding one - she fills my listing with color and warmth and the buyers love it. It is a pleasure to hold open the homes that she stages. I recommend her services highly. "

Betty Rooker, Alain Pinel Realtors

" Resourceful and detailed! My time with Jan has been a delightful, mind opening experience. I am always in awe of her creative ability to capture the vision of my style and the essence of our home environment. "

Rae Blasquez, Design Client

" Thanks to Jan for the timely staging of the home we sold in Palo Alto. She transformed the small, 2-bedroom house into a beautiful, stylish showpiece. "

" Jan is a joy to work with. We really appreciate her high energy and style. She has been the key to successfully transforming our house into a home. "

Tracey and Tom Wyatt, Staging & Design Clients

" We have a typical two story tract house that needed an overall upgrading. Besides the building modifications, the furnishings and decorations were some thirty years plus old. With Jan's direction, we have completely redone our family room and made decorative additions to our living room and bedrooms. She is creative, innovative and always flexible about suggesting reasonable cost alternatives. Some of the ideas were bold (for us) but are really very tasteful. In our estimation, everything has turned out fantastic! All of our friends think so too. By the way..., she is a delight to deal with! "

Nev and Deanna Griffin, Design Clients

" Jan is incredible! She came with wonderful ideas and endless resources.....she did everything and the results were spectacular! "

Michelle A., Design Client

" Jan knows how to take any home regardless of its condition and make it feel homey and well put together. Always working very well with my clients, Jan is hands on. I believe her staging has helped me and my clients in achieving our goals. "

Angelique Elmengard, Real Estate Broker, Campi Properties, Inc.

" Jan takes our vague ideas and creates a stunning design that makes our home beautiful and welcoming beyond what we could ever envision. We are thrilled with the results, and Jan makes the entire process enjoyable. "

Design Clients, Palo Alto

" When we began our construction and redecoration, we had no idea where to begin to bring it all together. Jan made it all so easy and yes, even fun. I had no idea what colors or styles I wanted, but she interviewed me and my husband with our likes and dislikes and had some great ideas. She is professional yet friendly and fun. She knows her trade and is dependable. The end result was just what we wanted and we enjoy it immensely. "

John and Joneen Small, Design Clients

Jan Proceviat
Ph: 650-714-9467